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Restoring the Smile in Sebring, FL

A common dental concern is rebuilding your smile when teeth are worn down or lost. As a dentist with practical training in restorative dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation, our dentist can help make sure you recover from these oral health conditions. Peter K. Dillon, DDS provides crowns and bridges in Sebring, Avon Park, Lake Placid, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment at our practice today for your restorative needs.

The Need for Restoration

A tooth can be harmed for several reasons. Cavities can reduce the structural health of a tooth and eventually infect the inner pulp. Alternatively, a facial injury can cause the teeth to crack and chip, leaving them worn down and unable to withstand the daily pressure of chewing. If these conditions are left untreated, the teeth can be lost. Crowns are used to restore teeth to prevent their loss, and bridges replace one or more missing teeth. Our Sebring dental practice can provide both of these prosthetics to help your smile recover from decay and injury.

Our crowns and bridges are usually made from full zirconia, although gold is available if requested. Zirconia is a material that mimics the natural appearance of a healthy tooth, but it is much more durable than other cosmetic dental materials. Additionally, the crowns fabricated will have exact margins to best encourage their effectiveness. “Margins” refer to the points of contact between a crown and the gum line, as well as these points between crowns and the cusps of the neighboring teeth. If the crown is too large for these areas, the surrounding tissue will be irritated by the presence of the prosthetic. Through the careful examination of the smile by Dr. Dillon, the crowns we give our patients have the margins that best improve their oral health.

The Crown and Bridge Process

We begin your treatment by first fabricating the restoration in accordance with your smile’s specific health needs. Dr. Dillon uses a 3M True Definition digital scanner to take accurate, comprehensive digital impressions and sends it to Glidewell Laboratories. The prosthodontist at this trusted laboratory carefully crafts the crown or bridge to the imagery and other information, resulting in a prosthetic that best serves you. Through their expertise, you can get a resilient, beautiful restoration.

Once a restoration is made, Dr. Dillon calls a patient back in for a test fitting. If the crown or bridge fits their smile exactly as they need it to, then it can be added to the smile immediately. If there is any room for improvement, our dentist will return the restoration to Glidewell for reworking until it meets your precise oral health needs.

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Peter K. Dillon, DDS offers crowns and bridges near Sebring. For more information about our restorative dental care, call our practice today and schedule your next appointment!

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