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Dental care is about more than just the services provided. By following a distinct, multi-faceted approach to patient care, our dentist provides a level of care that helps patients feel comfortable and safe. Peter K. Dillon, DDS offers patient-focused dental care in Sebring, Avon Park, Lake Placid, and the surrounding communities.

Standing by Our Work

For some patients, the effectiveness of treatment is a cause for concern. If a procedure is unsuccessful or a restoration does not fit properly, then retreatment will be necessary in order to develop a healthy smile. These patients are concerned that the retreatment process will be expensive, time-consuming, and far too likely to be needed.

When people become long-term patients at our Sebring dental office, they gain the benefits of a dentist who stands by his work. Dr. Dillon takes pride in the quality of each service provided and thereby takes time to make sure treatment is conducted properly. In the event that retreatment is necessary, he prioritizes your care and delivers the care you need to resolve your health concerns.

The Quality Itself

While he will provide retreatment when necessary, Dr. Dillon’s eye for quality care prevents the need for retreatment in most cases. When you visit our practice, you see a dentist who strives to provide the highest quality of care to you.

Dental restorations are a key example of this eye for quality. If our dentist adds a crown to your tooth, then he will take extra time to make sure that the margins—that is, the point where the prosthetic ends and the natural tooth structure begins—are exactly where they need to be for optimal oral health. If the dentures we have fabricated at a laboratory do not look as realistic as they ought to, we will have them sent back for reworking before bringing you in for a test fitting. We also provide wax try-ins for patients getting a restoration to make sure Dr. Dillon’s plans for the prosthetic fit comfortably into your smile.  

Making Dentistry Available for Everyone

Dr. Dillon works with your insurance provider to help cover your cost of care. However, not every patient who needs dental care has insurance coverage.

As such, our practice makes our services as affordable as we can in order to give as many people as possible access to the health services they need. Oral cancer screenings are a complementary part of initial visits, which are a low price as is.  We also only charge for exams once a year as further support for uninsured patients. Additionally, every prophylaxis treatment you undergo includes fluoride application free of charge.

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Peter K. Dillon, DDS provides dental care near Sebring by following this approach. For more information or to schedule your next appointment, call us today. 

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