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Oral Surgery


Dental Surgery in Sebring, FL

When your oral health is in one of several extreme situations, surgical care can rebuild your smile. Our dentist performs a few surgeries to protect patients from common health concerns. Peter K. Dillon, DDS provides oral surgery in Sebring, Avon Park, Lake Placid, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment today if you need any of the operations we provide.

Implant Placement

When you lose one or more teeth, your oral and overall health experiences a few negative consequences. It becomes harder to chew food, which can lead to a poor diet that increases your risks for tooth decay, gum disease, indigestion, and other conditions. Your jaw will also lose mass as its bone undergoes resorption; not only will you have a more brittle jaw, but your face will take on a prematurely aged appearance as well. Because of the impact, these conditions can have on your health, replacing lost teeth is an important part of staying healthy.

Our dentist in Sebring provides dental implant placement to help patients replace missing teeth. Dental implants are one of the most effective replacements for missing teeth because they rely on the implant post, an artificial tooth root, for support. Dr. Dillon can place the post into the jaw to start the process of rebuilding your smile.

Extraction and Denture Placement

Extraction is the treatment where a tooth that cannot be saved from decay, or it otherwise detrimental to your health, is removed from the smile to keep your remaining teeth and your gums healthy. Dr. Dillon performs extractions when necessary. If needed, we also offer full-mouth extraction and immediate dentures in the same appointment, giving you a brand new smile within one day.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a necessary first step to placing dental implants in some cases. If enough time has passed between losing a tooth and placing an implant post, the part of the jaw being treated will have undergone resorption and be too thin to host an implant. Dr. Dillon can add more bone material to the jaw to make it sturdy enough for implant placement.

Dr. Dillon provides bone grafts immediately after tooth extraction, in order to help make your jaw able to host dental implants. This process helps minimize the amount of bone lost through resorption. After about four months, the bone should be healed enough to receive implant posts.

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Peter K. Dillon, DDS offers oral surgery near Sebring. We conduct the surgical treatments that we can offer to keep you healthy, and we coordinate care with an oral surgeon when necessary. For more information or to schedule a surgical appointment, call our practice today!

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